public __construct(?phpDocumentor\Reflection\FqsenResolver $fqsenResolver = NULL)
Initializes this TypeResolver with the means to create and resolve Fqsen objects.

public addKeyword(string $keyword, string $typeClassName) : void
Adds a keyword to the list of Keywords and associates it with a specific Value Object.

public resolve(string $type, ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context = NULL) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type
Analyzes the given type and returns the FQCN variant.

When a type is provided this method checks whether it is not a keyword or Fully Qualified Class Name. If so it will use the given namespace and aliases to expand the type to a FQCN representation.

This method only works as expected if the namespace and aliases are set; no dynamic reflection is being performed here.

  • uses \Context::getNamespaceAliases()to check whether the first part of the relative type name should not be replaced with another namespace.
  • uses \Context::getNamespace()to determine with what to prefix the type name.
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\TypeResolver::OPERATOR_ARRAY = '[]'

  • var string Definition of the ARRAY operator for types
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\TypeResolver::OPERATOR_NAMESPACE = '\'

  • var string Definition of the NAMESPACE operator in PHP
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\TypeResolver::PARSER_IN_ARRAY_EXPRESSION = 2

  • var int the iterator parser is inside an array expression context
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\TypeResolver::PARSER_IN_COLLECTION_EXPRESSION = 3

  • var int the iterator parser is inside a collection expression context
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\TypeResolver::PARSER_IN_COMPOUND = 0

  • var int the iterator parser is inside a compound context
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\TypeResolver::PARSER_IN_NULLABLE = 1

  • var int the iterator parser is inside a nullable expression context
private $fqsenResolver
private $keywords

  • var array List of recognized keywords and unto which Value Object they map
  • psalm-var array>
private isFqsen(string $type) : bool
Tests whether the given type is a Fully Qualified Structural Element Name.

private isKeyword(string $type) : bool
Detects whether the given type represents a PHPDoc keyword.

    private isPartialStructuralElementName(string $type) : bool
    Detects whether the given type represents a relative structural element name.

      private isTypedArray(string $type) : bool
      Detects whether the given type represents an array.

        private makeCollectionFromObject(phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Object_ $object, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $valueType, ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $keyType = NULL) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Collection
        private parseTypes(ArrayIterator $tokens, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context, int $parserContext) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type
        Analyse each tokens and creates types

          private resolveCollection(ArrayIterator $tokens, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $classType, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type
          Resolves the collection values and keys

          • return Array_|\Collection
          private resolveKeyword(string $type) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type
          Resolves the given keyword (such as `string`) into a Type object representing that keyword.

          private resolveSingleType(string $type, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context)
          resolve the given type into a type object

          • return Type|\Array_|\Object_
          private resolveTypedArray(string $type, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Array_
          Resolves the given typed array string (i.e. `string[]`) into an Array object with the right types set.

          private resolveTypedObject(string $type, ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context = NULL) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Object_
          Resolves the given FQSEN string into an FQSEN object.

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