Resolver for Fqsen using Context information

  • psalm-immutable
public resolve(string $fqsen, ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context = NULL) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Fqsen
private phpDocumentor\Reflection\FqsenResolver::OPERATOR_NAMESPACE = '\'
  • var string Definition of the NAMESPACE operator in PHP
private isFqsen(string $type) : bool

Tests whether the given type is a Fully Qualified Structural Element Name.

private resolvePartialStructuralElementName(string $type, phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Fqsen

Resolves a partial Structural Element Name (i.e. Reflection\DocBlock) to its FQSEN representation
(i.e. \phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock) based on the Namespace and aliases mentioned in the Context.

  • throws InvalidArgumentException When type is not a valid FQSEN.
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