public __construct(string $summary = '', ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Description $description = NULL, array $tags = [], ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context = NULL, ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Location $location = NULL, bool $isTemplateStart = false, bool $isTemplateEnd = false)
    public getContext() : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context

    Returns the current context.

    public getDescription() : phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Description
    public getLocation() : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Location

    Returns the current location.

    public getSummary() : string
    public getTags() : array

    Returns the tags for this DocBlock.

    • return Tag[]
    public getTagsByName(string $name) : array

    Returns an array of tags matching the given name. If no tags are found
    an empty array is returned.

    • return Tag[]
    public hasTag(string $name) : bool

    Checks if a tag of a certain type is present in this DocBlock.

      public isTemplateEnd() : bool

      Returns whether this DocBlock is the end of a Template section.

      • see \self::isTemplateStart()for a more complete description of the Docblock Template functionality.
      public isTemplateStart() : bool

      Returns whether this DocBlock is the start of a Template section.

      A Docblock may serve as template for a series of subsequent DocBlocks. This is indicated by a special marker
      (#@+) that is appended directly after the opening /** of a DocBlock.

      An example of such an opening is:

       * My DocBlock
       * /

      The description and tags (not the summary!) are copied onto all subsequent DocBlocks and also applied to all
      elements that follow until another DocBlock is found that contains the closing marker (#@-).

      • see \self::isTemplateEnd()for the check whether a closing marker was provided.
      public removeTag(phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Tag $tagToRemove) : void

      Remove a tag from this DocBlock.

        private $context
        private $description
        private $isTemplateEnd
        • var bool Does this DocBlock signify the end of a DocBlock template?
        private $isTemplateStart
        • var bool Is this DocBlock (the start of) a template?
        private $location
        private $summary
        • var string The opening line for this docblock.
        private $tags
        • var Tag[] An array containing all the tags in this docblock; except inline.
        private addTag(phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Tag $tag) : void

        Adds a tag to this DocBlock.

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