Represents a collection type as described in the PSR-5, the PHPDoc Standard.

A collection can be represented in two forms:

  1. ACollectionObject<aValueType>
  2. ACollectionObject<aValueType,aKeyType>
  • ACollectionObject can be 'array' or an object that can act as an array
  • aValueType and aKeyType can be any type expression
  • psalm-immutable
Cloneable Final Instantiable
public __construct ( ? phpDocumentor\Reflection\Fqsen $fqsen , phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $valueType , ? phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $keyType = NULL )

Initializes this representation of an array with the given Type or Fqsen.

public __toString () : string

Returns a rendered output of the Type as it would be used in a DocBlock.

public getFqsen () : ? phpDocumentor\Reflection\Fqsen

Returns the FQSEN associated with this object.

public phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\AbstractList :: getKeyType () : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type

Returns the type for the keys of this array.

public phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\AbstractList :: getValueType () : phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type

Returns the value for the keys of this array.

protected phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\AbstractList :: $defaultKeyType
  • var Type
protected phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\AbstractList :: $keyType
  • var Type | null
protected phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\AbstractList :: $valueType
  • var Type
private $fqsen
  • var Fqsen | null
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