Base class for aggregated types like Compound and Intersection

A Aggregated Type is not so much a special keyword or object reference but is a series of Types that are separated using separator.

  • psalm-immutable
  • template-implements IteratorAggregate<int, Type>
public __construct(array $types, string $token)
  • param \Type[] $types
public __toString() : string

Returns a rendered output of the Type as it would be used in a DocBlock.

public contains(phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $type) : bool

Tests if this compound type contains the given type.

public get(int $index) : ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type

Returns the type at the given index.

public getIterator() : ArrayIterator
  • return \ArrayIterator<int,\Type>
public has(int $index) : bool

Tests if this compound type has a type with the given index.

private $token = NULL
  • var string
private $types = []
  • psalm-allow-private-mutation
  • var array<int,\Type>
private add(phpDocumentor\Reflection\Type $type) : void
  • psalm-suppress ImpureMethodCall
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