Creates a Tag object given the contents of a tag.

This Factory is capable of determining the appropriate class for a tag and instantiate it using its create
factory method. The create factory method of a Tag can have a variable number of arguments; this way you can
pass the dependencies that you need to construct a tag object.

Important: each parameter in addition to the body variable for the create method must default to null, otherwise
it violates the constraint with the interface; it is recommended to use the {@see \Assert::notNull()} method to
verify that a dependency is actually passed.

This Factory also features a Service Locator component that is used to pass the right dependencies to the
create method of a tag; each dependency should be registered as a service or as a parameter.

When you want to use a Tag of your own with custom handling you need to call the registerTagHandler method, pass
the name of the tag and a Fully Qualified Class Name pointing to a class that implements the Tag interface.

Cloneable Final Instantiable
public phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\StandardTagFactory ::REGEX_TAGNAME = '[\w\-\_\\:]+'

PCRE regular expression matching a tag name.

public __construct ( phpDocumentor\Reflection\FqsenResolver $fqsenResolver , ? array $tagHandlers = NULL )

Initialize this tag factory with the means to resolve an FQSEN and optionally a list of tag handlers.

If no tag handlers are provided than the default list in the {@see \self::$tagHandlerMappings} property
is used.

  • see \self::registerTagHandler()to add a new tag handler to the existing default list.
  • param class-string<\Tag> [] $tagHandlers
public addParameter ( string $name , $value ) : void
  • param mixed $value
public addService ( object $service , ? string $alias = NULL ) : void
public create ( string $tagLine , ? phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context = NULL ) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Tag
public registerTagHandler ( string $tagName , string $handler ) : void
private $annotationMappings
  • var class-string<\Tag> [] An array with a anotation s a key, and an
    FQCN to a class that handles it as an array value.
private $fqsenResolver
  • var FqsenResolver
private $serviceLocator
  • var array an array representing a simple Service Locator where we can store parameters and
    services that can be inserted into the Factory Methods of Tag Handlers.
private $tagHandlerMappings
  • var class-string<\Tag> [] An array with a tag as a key, and an
    FQCN to a class that handles it as an array value.
private $tagHandlerParameterCache
  • var ReflectionParameter [] a lazy-loading cache containing parameters
    for each tagHandler that has been used.
private createTag ( string $body , string $name , phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context ) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Tag

Creates a new tag object with the given name and body or returns null if the tag name was recognized but the
body was invalid.

private extractTagParts ( string $tagLine ) : array

Extracts all components for a tag.

  • return string []
private fetchParametersForHandlerFactoryMethod ( string $handlerClassName ) : array

Retrieves a series of ReflectionParameter objects for the static 'create' method of the given
tag handler class name.

  • param class-string $handlerClassName
  • return ReflectionParameter []
private findHandlerClassName ( string $tagName , phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context ) : string

Determines the Fully Qualified Class Name of the Factory or Tag (containing a Factory Method create).

  • return class-string<\Tag>
private getArgumentsForParametersFromWiring ( array $parameters , array $locator ) : array

Retrieves the arguments that need to be passed to the Factory Method with the given Parameters.

  • param ReflectionParameter [] $parameters
  • param array $locator
  • return array A series of values that can be passed to the Factory Method of the tag whose parameters
    is provided with this method.
private getServiceLocatorWithDynamicParameters ( phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context , string $tagName , string $tagBody ) : array

Returns a copy of this class' Service Locator with added dynamic parameters,
such as the tag's name, body and Context.

  • param TypeContext $context The Context (namespace and aliasses) that may be
    passed and is used to resolve FQSENs.
  • param string $tagName The name of the tag that may be
    passed onto the factory method of the Tag class.
  • param string $tagBody The body of the tag that may be
    passed onto the factory method of the Tag class.
  • return array
private isAnnotation ( string $tagContent ) : bool

Returns whether the given tag belongs to an annotation.

  • todo this method should be populated once we implement Annotation notation support.
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