Converts a DocBlock back from an object to a complete DocComment including Asterisks.

public __construct( $indent = 0, $indentString = ' ', $indentFirstLine = true, $lineLength = NULL, $tagFormatter = NULL)
Create a Serializer instance.

    public getDocComment(phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock $docblock)
    Generate a DocBlock comment.

    • return string The serialized doc block.
    protected $indent

    • var int The number of times the indent string is repeated.
    protected $indentString

    • var string The string to indent the comment with.
    protected $isFirstLineIndented

    • var bool Whether to indent the first line with the given indent amount and string.
    protected $lineLength

    • var int|null The max length of a line.
    protected $tagFormatter

    • var DocBlock\Tags\Formatter A custom tag formatter.
    private addAsterisksForEachLine( $indent, $text)

    • return mixed
    private addTagBlock(phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock $docblock, $wrapLength, $indent, $comment)

    • return string
    private getSummaryAndDescriptionTextBlock(phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock $docblock, $wrapLength)

    • return string
    private removeTrailingSpaces( $indent, $text)

    • return mixed
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