Addes links and images as well as url markers.

This trait conflicts with the HtmlTrait. If both are used together,
you have to define a resolution, by defining the HtmlTrait::parseInlineHtml
as private so it is not used directly:

use block\HtmlTrait {
    parseInlineHtml as private parseInlineHtml;

If the method exists it is called internally by this trait.

Also make sure to reset references on prepare():

protected function prepare()
    // reset references
    $this->references = [];
protected $references = []
  • var array a list of defined references in this document.
protected consumeReference( $lines, $current)

Consume link references

protected identifyReference( $line)
protected lookupReference( $key)
protected parseImage( $markdown)

Parses an image indicated by ![.

  • marker ![
protected abstract parseInline( $text)
protected parseLink( $markdown)

Parses a link indicated by [.

  • marker [
protected parseLinkOrImage( $markdown)
protected parseLt( $text)

Parses inline HTML.

  • marker <
protected abstract renderAbsy( $blocks)
protected renderEmail( $block)
protected renderImage( $block)
protected renderLink( $block)
protected renderUrl( $block)
protected replaceEscape( $text)

Remove backslash from escaped characters

  • return string
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