Adds the table blocks

Abstract Trait
protected composeTable ( $head , $body )

This method composes a table from parsed body and head HTML.

You may override this method to customize the table rendering, for example by
adding a class to the table tag:

return "<table class="table table-striped">\n<thead>\n$head</thead>\n<tbody>\n$body</tbody>\n</table>\n"
  • param string $head table head HTML.
  • param string $body table body HTML.
  • return string the complete table HTML.
  • since 1.2.0
protected consumeTable ( $lines , $current )

Consume lines for a table

protected identifyTable ( $line , $lines , $current )

identify a line as the beginning of a table block.

protected abstract parseInline ( $text )
protected parseTd ( $markdown )
  • marker |
protected abstract renderAbsy ( $absy )
protected renderTable ( $block )

render a table block

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