Adds the list blocks

public $keepListStartNumber = false
  • var bool enable support start attribute of ordered lists. This means that lists
    will start with the number you actually type in markdown and not the HTML generated one.
    Defaults to false which means that numeration of all ordered lists(
      ) starts with 1.
protected consumeOl( $lines, $current)

Consume lines for an ordered list

protected consumeUl( $lines, $current)

Consume lines for an unordered list

protected abstract detectLineType( $lines, $current)
protected identifyOl( $line)

identify a line as the beginning of an ordered list.

protected identifyUl( $line)

identify a line as the beginning of an unordered list.

protected abstract parseBlocks( $lines)
protected abstract parseInline( $text)
protected abstract renderAbsy( $absy)
protected renderList( $block)

Renders a list

private consumeList( $lines, $current, $block, $type)
private generateHtmlAttributes( $attributes)

Return html attributes string from [attrName => attrValue] list

  • param array $attributes the attribute name-value pairs.
  • return string
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