Adds the list blocks

Abstract Trait
public $keepListStartNumber
  • var bool enable support `start` attribute of ordered lists. This means that lists will start with the number you actually type in markdown and not the HTML generated one. Defaults to `false` which means that numeration of all ordered lists(
      ) starts with 1.
protected consumeOl ( $lines , $current )

Consume lines for an ordered list

protected consumeUl ( $lines , $current )

Consume lines for an unordered list

protected abstract detectLineType ( $lines , $current )
protected identifyOl ( $line )

identify a line as the beginning of an ordered list.

protected identifyUl ( $line )

identify a line as the beginning of an unordered list.

protected abstract parseBlocks ( $lines )
protected abstract parseInline ( $text )
protected abstract renderAbsy ( $absy )
protected renderList ( $block )

Renders a list

private consumeList ( $lines , $current , $block , $type )
private generateHtmlAttributes ( $attributes )

Return html attributes string from [attrName => attrValue] list

  • return string
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