Adds inline and block HTML support

protected $inlineHtmlElements

  • var array HTML elements considered as inline elements.
  • see
protected $selfClosingHtmlElements

  • var array HTML elements known to be self-closing.
protected consumeHtml( $lines, $current)
Consume lines for an HTML block

protected identifyHtml( $line, $lines, $current)
identify a line as the beginning of a HTML block.

protected parseEntity( $text)
Parses an & or a html entity definition.

  • marker &
protected parseGt( $text)
Escapes `>` characters.

  • marker >
protected parseInlineHtml( $text)
Parses inline HTML.

  • marker <
protected renderHtml( $block)
Renders an HTML block

protected renderInlineHtml( $block)
renders a html entity.

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