Implementation of a non-mime message's uuencoded attachment part.

public __construct(?int $mode = NULL, ?string $filename = NULL, ?ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\IMimePart $parent = NULL, ?ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\PartStreamContainer $streamContainer = NULL)
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::__toString() : string
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::attach(SplObserver $observer) : void
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::attachContentStream(Psr\Http\Message\StreamInterface $stream, string $streamCharset = 'UTF-8'ZBateson\MailMimeParser\MailMimeParser::DEFAULT_CHARSET)
  • return static
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::detach(SplObserver $observer) : void
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::detachContentStream()
  • return static
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getBinaryContentResourceHandle()
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getBinaryContentStream()
public getCharset() : ?string

Returns null

public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getContent(string $charset = 'UTF-8'ZBateson\MailMimeParser\MailMimeParser::DEFAULT_CHARSET) : ?string
public getContentDisposition(?string $default = 'attachment') : ?string

Returns 'attachment'.

public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\NonMimePart::getContentId() : ?string

Returns the Content ID of the part.

NonMimeParts do not have a Content ID, and so this simply returns null.

public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getContentStream(string $charset = 'UTF-8'ZBateson\MailMimeParser\MailMimeParser::DEFAULT_CHARSET)
public getContentTransferEncoding(?string $default = 'x-uuencode') : ?string

Returns 'x-uuencode'.

public getContentType(string $default = 'application/octet-stream') : ?string

Returns 'application/octet-stream'.

  • return string
public getFilename() : ?string

Returns the filename included in the uuencoded 'begin' line for this part.

  • return string
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getParent()
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getResourceHandle()
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::getStream()
public getUnixFileMode() : ?int
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::hasContent() : bool
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\NonMimePart::isMime() : bool

Returns false.

public isTextPart() : bool

Returns false.

Although the part may be plain text, there is no reliable way of determining its type since uuencoded 'begin' lines only include a file name and no mime type. The file name's extension may be a hint.

  • return false
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::notify() : void
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::save( $filenameResourceOrStream, string $filemode = 'w+')
  • return static
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::saveContent( $filenameResourceOrStream) : self
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::setCharsetOverride(string $charsetOverride, bool $onlyIfNoCharset = false)
  • return static
public ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::setContent( $resource, string $charset = 'UTF-8'ZBateson\MailMimeParser\MailMimeParser::DEFAULT_CHARSET)
  • return static
public setFilename(string $filename)
  • return static
public setUnixFileMode(int $mode)
  • return static
protected ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::$charsetOverride = NULL
  • var ?string can be used to set an override for content's charset in cases where a user knows the charset on the content is not what it claims to be.
protected $filename = NULL
  • var string the name of the file in the uuencoding 'header'.
protected ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::$ignoreTransferEncoding = NULL
  • var bool set to true when a user attaches a stream manually, it's assumed to already be decoded or to have relevant transfer encoding decorators attached already.
protected $mode = NULL
  • var int the unix file permission
protected ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::$observers = NULL
  • var \SplObjectStorage attached observers that need to be notified of modifications to this part.
protected ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::$parent = NULL
  • var ?\IMimePart parent part
protected ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message\MessagePart::$partStreamContainer = NULL
  • var \PartStreamContainer holds 'stream' and 'content stream'.
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