Defines the most basic interface a class must implement to be denormalizable.

If a denormalizer is registered for the class and it doesn't implement
the Denormalizable interfaces, the normalizer will be used instead

public abstract denormalize(Symfony\Component\Serializer\Normalizer\DenormalizerInterface $denormalizer, array|string|int|float|bool $data, ?string $format = NULL, array $context = [])

Denormalizes the object back from an array of scalars|arrays.

It is important to understand that the denormalize() call should denormalize
recursively all child objects of the implementor.

  • param \DenormalizerInterface $denormalizer The denormalizer is given so that you
    can use it to denormalize objects contained within this object
  • param array|string|int|float|bool $data The data from which to re-create the object
  • param string|null $format The format is optionally given to be able to denormalize
    differently based on different input formats
  • param array $context Options for denormalizing
  • return void
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