Adds the support of an extra $context parameter for the supportsDenormalization method.

  • author K√©vin Dunglas
  • deprecated since symfony/serializer 6.1, use DenormalizerInterface instead
public Symfony\Component\Serializer\Normalizer\DenormalizerInterface::COLLECT_DENORMALIZATION_ERRORS = 'collect_denormalization_errors'
public abstract Symfony\Component\Serializer\Normalizer\DenormalizerInterface::denormalize(?mixed $data, string $type, ?string $format = NULL, array $context = []) : ?mixed

Denormalizes data back into an object of the given class.

  • param mixed $data Data to restore
  • param string $type The expected class to instantiate
  • param string|null $format Format the given data was extracted from
  • param array $context Options available to the denormalizer
  • throws \BadMethodCallException Occurs when the normalizer is not called in an expected context
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException Occurs when the arguments are not coherent or not supported
  • throws \UnexpectedValueException Occurs when the item cannot be hydrated with the given data
  • throws \ExtraAttributesException Occurs when the item doesn't have attribute to receive given data
  • throws \LogicException Occurs when the normalizer is not supposed to denormalize
  • throws \RuntimeException Occurs if the class cannot be instantiated
  • throws \ExceptionInterface Occurs for all the other cases of errors
public abstract Symfony\Component\Serializer\Normalizer\DenormalizerInterface::getSupportedTypes(?string $format) : array

Returns the types potentially supported by this denormalizer.

For each supported formats (if applicable), the supported types should be returned as keys, and each type should be mapped to a boolean indicating if the result of supportsDenormalization() can be cached or not (a result cannot be cached when it depends on the context or on the data.) A null value means that the denormalizer does not support the corresponding type.

Use type "object" to match any classes or interfaces, and type "*" to match any types.

    public abstract supportsDenormalization(?mixed $data, string $type, ?string $format = NULL, array $context = []) : bool
    • param array $context options that denormalizers have access to
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