Stores metadata needed for serializing and deserializing objects of specific class.

Primarily, the metadata stores the set of attributes to serialize or deserialize.

There may only exist one metadata for each attribute according to its name.

public abstract addAttributeMetadata(Symfony\Component\Serializer\Mapping\AttributeMetadataInterface $attributeMetadata) : void

Adds an {@link AttributeMetadataInterface}.

public abstract getAttributesMetadata() : array

Gets the list of {@link AttributeMetadataInterface}.

  • return array<string,\AttributeMetadataInterface>
public abstract getClassDiscriminatorMapping() : ?Symfony\Component\Serializer\Mapping\ClassDiscriminatorMapping
public abstract getName() : string

Returns the name of the backing PHP class.

public abstract getReflectionClass() : ReflectionClass

Returns a {@link \ReflectionClass} instance for this class.

public abstract merge(self $classMetadata) : void

Merges a {@link ClassMetadataInterface} in the current one.

public abstract setClassDiscriminatorMapping(?Symfony\Component\Serializer\Mapping\ClassDiscriminatorMapping $mapping) : void
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