Returns a {@see ClassMetadataInterface}.

Abstract Interface
public abstract getMetadataFor ( object | string $value ) : Symfony\Component\Serializer\Mapping\ClassMetadataInterface

If the method was called with the same class name (or an object of that
class) before, the same metadata instance is returned.

If the factory was configured with a cache, this method will first look
for an existing metadata instance in the cache. If an existing instance
is found, it will be returned without further ado.

Otherwise, a new metadata instance is created. If the factory was
configured with a loader, the metadata is passed to the
{@link \Symfony\Component\Serializer\Mapping\Loader\LoaderInterface::loadClassMetadata()} method for further
configuration. At last, the new object is returned.

  • throws InvalidArgumentException
public abstract hasMetadataFor ( ? mixed $value ) : bool

Checks if class has metadata.

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