A helper providing autocompletion for available CsvEncoder options.

public toArray() : array
public withAsCollection(?bool $asCollection) : static

Configures whether the decoded result should be considered as a collection
or as a single element.

public withContext(Symfony\Component\Serializer\Context\ContextBuilderInterface|array $context) : static
public withDelimiter(?string $delimiter) : static

Configures the column delimiter character.

Must be a single character.

public withEnclosure(?string $enclosure) : static

Configures the field enclosure character.

Must be a single character.

public withEndOfLine(?string $endOfLine) : static

Configures the end of line characters.

public withEscapeChar(?string $escapeChar) : static

Configures the escape character.

Must be empty or a single character.

public withEscapedFormulas(?bool $escapedFormulas) : static

Configures whether formulas should be escaped.

public withHeaders(?array $headers) : static

Configures the headers.

public withKeySeparator(?string $keySeparator) : static

Configures the key separator when (un)flattening arrays.

public withNoHeaders(?bool $noHeaders) : static

Configures whether the input (or output) is containing (or will contain) headers.

public withOutputUtf8Bom(?bool $outputUtf8Bom) : static

Configures whether to add the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark (BOM)
at the beginning of the encoded result or not.

protected with(string $key, ?mixed $value) : static
private array $context
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