Gets info about PHP class properties.

A convenient interface inheriting all specific info interfaces.

public abstract Symfony\Component\PropertyInfo\PropertyDescriptionExtractorInterface::getLongDescription(string $class, string $property, array $context = []) : ?string

Gets the long description of the property.

public abstract Symfony\Component\PropertyInfo\PropertyListExtractorInterface::getProperties(string $class, array $context = []) : ?array

Gets the list of properties available for the given class.

  • return string[]|null
public abstract Symfony\Component\PropertyInfo\PropertyDescriptionExtractorInterface::getShortDescription(string $class, string $property, array $context = []) : ?string

Gets the short description of the property.

public abstract Symfony\Component\PropertyInfo\PropertyTypeExtractorInterface::getTypes(string $class, string $property, array $context = []) : ?array

Gets types of a property.

  • return \LegacyType[]|null
public abstract Symfony\Component\PropertyInfo\PropertyAccessExtractorInterface::isReadable(string $class, string $property, array $context = []) : ?bool

Is the property readable?

public abstract Symfony\Component\PropertyInfo\PropertyAccessExtractorInterface::isWritable(string $class, string $property, array $context = []) : ?bool

Is the property writable?

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