Default implementation of {@link PropertyPathInterface}.

public Symfony\Component\PropertyAccess\PropertyPath::SINGULAR_SEPARATOR = '|'

Character used for separating between plural and singular of an element.

public __construct(self|string $propertyPath)

Constructs a property path from a string.

  • throws InvalidArgumentException If the given path is not a string
  • throws InvalidPropertyPathException If the syntax of the property path is not valid
public __toString() : string
public getElement(int $index) : string
    public getElements() : array
      public getIterator() : Symfony\Component\PropertyAccess\PropertyPathIteratorInterface

      Returns a new iterator for this path.

      public getLength() : int
        public getParent() : ?Symfony\Component\PropertyAccess\PropertyPathInterface
          public isIndex(int $index) : bool
            public isProperty(int $index) : bool
              private $elements

              The elements of the property path.

              • var list<string>
              private $isIndex

              Contains a Boolean for each property in $elements denoting whether this
              element is an index. It is a property otherwise.

              • var array
              private $length

              The number of elements in the property path.

              • var int
              private $pathAsString

              String representation of the path.

              • var string
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