PipesInterface manages descriptors and pipes for the use of proc_open.

public Symfony\Component\Process\Pipes\PipesInterface::CHUNK_SIZE = 16384
public abstract areOpen() : bool

Returns if the current state has open file handles or pipes.

public abstract close() : void

Closes file handles and pipes.

public abstract getDescriptors() : array

Returns an array of descriptors for the use of proc_open.

public abstract getFiles() : array

Returns an array of filenames indexed by their related stream in case these pipes use temporary files.

  • return string[]
public abstract haveReadSupport() : bool

Returns if pipes are able to read output.

public abstract readAndWrite(bool $blocking, bool $close = false) : array

Reads data in file handles and pipes.

  • param bool $blocking Whether to use blocking calls or not
  • param bool $close Whether to close pipes if they've reached EOF
  • return string[] An array of read data indexed by their fd
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