public __construct(string $id, bool $public = false)
public __toString() : string
public getDeprecation(string $id) : array
  • param string $id Service id relying on this definition
public isDeprecated() : bool
public isPrivate() : bool

Whether this alias is private.

public isPublic() : bool

Checks if this DI Alias should be public or not.

public setDeprecated(string $package, string $version, string $message) : static

Whether this alias is deprecated, that means it should not be referenced anymore.

  • param string $package The name of the composer package that is triggering the deprecation
  • param string $version The version of the package that introduced the deprecation
  • param string $message The deprecation message to use
  • return $this
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException when the message template is invalid
public setPublic(bool $boolean) : static

Sets if this Alias is public.

  • return $this
private Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Alias::DEFAULT_DEPRECATION_TEMPLATE = 'The "%alias_id%" service alias is deprecated. You should stop using it, as it will be removed in the future.'
private array $deprecation = []
private string $id
private bool $public
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