ContainerBagInterface is the interface implemented by objects that manage service container parameters.

public abstract all() : array

Gets the service container parameters.

public abstract escapeValue(?mixed $value) : ?mixed

Escape parameter placeholders %.

public abstract Psr\Container\ContainerInterface::get(string $id)

Finds an entry of the container by its identifier and returns it.

  • param string $id Identifier of the entry to look for.
  • throws \NotFoundExceptionInterface No entry was found for this identifier.
  • throws \ContainerExceptionInterface Error while retrieving the entry.
  • return mixed Entry.
public abstract Psr\Container\ContainerInterface::has(string $id) : bool

Returns true if the container can return an entry for the given identifier.

Returns false otherwise.

has($id) returning true does not mean that get($id) will not throw an exception. It does however mean that get($id) will not throw a NotFoundExceptionInterface.

  • param string $id Identifier of the entry to look for.
  • return bool
public abstract resolveValue(?mixed $value)

Replaces parameter placeholders (%name%) by their values.

  • template TValue of array<array|scalar>|scalar
  • param \TValue $value
  • return mixed
  • psalm-return (TValue is scalar ? array|scalar : array<array|scalar>)
  • throws \ParameterNotFoundException if a placeholder references a parameter that does not exist
public abstract unescapeValue(?mixed $value) : ?mixed

Unescape parameter placeholders %.

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