This exception is thrown when a non-existent parameter is used.

public __construct(string $key, ?string $sourceId = NULL, ?string $sourceKey = NULL, ?Throwable $previous = NULL, array $alternatives = [], ?string $nonNestedAlternative = NULL)
  • param string $key The requested parameter key
  • param string|null $sourceId The service id that references the non-existent parameter
  • param string|null $sourceKey The parameter key that references the non-existent parameter
  • param \Throwable|null $previous The previous exception
  • param string[] $alternatives Some parameter name alternatives
  • param string|null $nonNestedAlternative The alternative parameter name when the user expected dot notation for nested parameters
public Exception::__toString() : string
public Exception::__wakeup()
public final Exception::getCode()
public final Exception::getFile() : string
public getKey()
  • return string
public final Exception::getLine() : int
public final Exception::getMessage() : string
public final Exception::getPrevious() : ?Throwable
public getSourceId()
  • return string|null
public getSourceKey()
  • return string|null
public final Exception::getTrace() : array
public final Exception::getTraceAsString() : string
public setSourceId(?string $sourceId)
  • return void
public setSourceKey(?string $sourceKey)
  • return void
public updateRepr()
  • return void
protected Exception::$code = 0
protected string Exception::$file = ''
protected int Exception::$line = 0
protected Exception::$message = ''
private array $alternatives
private string $key
private ?string $nonNestedAlternative
private ?string $sourceId
private ?string $sourceKey
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