Represents a node in your service graph.

Value is typically a definition, or an alias.

public __construct(string $id, ?mixed $value)
public addInEdge(Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Compiler\ServiceReferenceGraphEdge $edge)
  • return void
public addOutEdge(Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Compiler\ServiceReferenceGraphEdge $edge)
  • return void
public clear()

Clears all edges.

  • return void
public getId() : string

Returns the identifier.

public getInEdges() : array

Returns the in edges.

  • return \ServiceReferenceGraphEdge[]
public getOutEdges() : array

Returns the out edges.

  • return \ServiceReferenceGraphEdge[]
public getValue() : ?mixed

Returns the value of this Node.

public isAlias() : bool

Checks if the value of this node is an Alias.

public isDefinition() : bool

Checks if the value of this node is a Definition.

private string $id
private array $inEdges = []
private array $outEdges = []
private ?mixed $value
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