CSS selector token stream.

This component is a port of the Python cssselect library,
which is copyright Ian Bicking, @see

public freeze() : static

Freezes stream.

  • return $this
public getNext() : Symfony\Component\CssSelector\Parser\Token

Returns next token.

  • throws \InternalErrorException If there is no more token
public getNextIdentifier() : string

Returns next identifier token.

  • throws \SyntaxErrorException If next token is not an identifier
public getNextIdentifierOrStar() : ?string

Returns next identifier or null if star delimiter token is found.

  • throws \SyntaxErrorException If next token is not an identifier or a star delimiter
public getPeek() : Symfony\Component\CssSelector\Parser\Token

Returns peeked token.

public getUsed() : array

Returns used tokens.

  • return \Token[]
public push(Symfony\Component\CssSelector\Parser\Token $token) : static

Pushes a token.

  • return $this
public skipWhitespace() : void

Skips next whitespace if any.

private int $cursor = 0
private ?Symfony\Component\CssSelector\Parser\Token $peeked
private bool $peeking = false
private array $tokens = []
  • var \Token[]
private array $used = []
  • var \Token[]
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