Contains all events dispatched by an Application.

public Symfony\Component\Console\ConsoleEvents::ALIASES = ['Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleCommandEvent' => 'console.command', 'Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleErrorEvent' => 'console.error', 'Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleSignalEvent' => 'console.signal', 'Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleTerminateEvent' => 'console.terminate']

Event aliases.

These aliases can be consumed by RegisterListenersPass.

public Symfony\Component\Console\ConsoleEvents::COMMAND = 'console.command'

The COMMAND event allows you to attach listeners before any command is executed by the console. It also allows you to modify the command, input and output before they are handed to the command.

  • Event ("Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleCommandEvent")
public Symfony\Component\Console\ConsoleEvents::ERROR = 'console.error'

The ERROR event occurs when an uncaught exception or error appears.

This event allows you to deal with the exception/error or to modify the thrown exception.

  • Event ("Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleErrorEvent")
public Symfony\Component\Console\ConsoleEvents::SIGNAL = 'console.signal'

The SIGNAL event allows you to perform some actions after the command execution was interrupted.

  • Event ("Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleSignalEvent")
public Symfony\Component\Console\ConsoleEvents::TERMINATE = 'console.terminate'

The TERMINATE event allows you to attach listeners after a command is executed by the console.

  • Event ("Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleTerminateEvent")
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