CacheItemInterface defines an interface for interacting with objects inside a cache.

Each Item object MUST be associated with a specific key, which can be set
according to the implementing system and is typically passed by the
Cache\CacheItemPoolInterface object.

The Cache\CacheItemInterface object encapsulates the storage and retrieval of
cache items. Each Cache\CacheItemInterface is generated by a
Cache\CacheItemPoolInterface object, which is responsible for any required
setup as well as associating the object with a unique Key.
Cache\CacheItemInterface objects MUST be able to store and retrieve any type
of PHP value defined in the Data section of the specification.

Calling Libraries MUST NOT instantiate Item objects themselves. They may only
be requested from a Pool object via the getItem() method. Calling Libraries
SHOULD NOT assume that an Item created by one Implementing Library is
compatible with a Pool from another Implementing Library.

public abstract expiresAfter( $time)

Sets the expiration time for this cache item.

  • return static The called object.
public abstract expiresAt( $expiration)

Sets the expiration time for this cache item.

  • return static The called object.
public abstract get()

Retrieves the value of the item from the cache associated with this object's key.

The value returned must be identical to the value originally stored by set().

If isHit() returns false, this method MUST return null. Note that null
is a legitimate cached value, so the isHit() method SHOULD be used to
differentiate between "null value was found" and "no value was found."

  • return mixed The value corresponding to this cache item's key, or null if not found.
public abstract getKey()

Returns the key for the current cache item.

The key is loaded by the Implementing Library, but should be available to
the higher level callers when needed.

  • return string The key string for this cache item.
public abstract isHit()

Confirms if the cache item lookup resulted in a cache hit.

Note: This method MUST NOT have a race condition between calling isHit()
and calling get().

  • return bool True if the request resulted in a cache hit. False otherwise.
public abstract set( $value)

Sets the value represented by this cache item.

The $value argument may be any item that can be serialized by PHP,
although the method of serialization is left up to the Implementing

  • return static The invoked object.
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