public __construct(string $message, $attributes = [])

Creates an Exception signifying a parse error.

    public Exception::__toString()
    public Exception::__wakeup()
    public getAttributes() : array

    Gets the attributes of the node/token the error occurred at.

    • return array
    public final Exception::getCode()
    public getEndColumn(string $code) : int

    Gets the end column (1-based) into the line where the error ended.

    • return int
    public getEndLine() : int

    Gets the line the error ends in.

    • return int Error end line
    public final Exception::getFile()
    public final Exception::getLine()
    public final Exception::getMessage()
    public getMessageWithColumnInfo(string $code) : string

    Formats message including line and column information.

    • return string Formatted message
    public final Exception::getPrevious()
    public getRawMessage() : string

    Gets the error message

    • return string Error message
    public getStartColumn(string $code) : int

    Gets the start column (1-based) into the line where the error started.

    • return int
    public getStartLine() : int

    Gets the line the error starts in.

    • return int Error start line
    public final Exception::getTrace()
    public final Exception::getTraceAsString()
    public hasColumnInfo() : bool

    Returns whether the error has start and end column information.

    For column information enable the startFilePos and endFilePos in the lexer options.

    • return bool
    public setAttributes(array $attributes)

    Sets the attributes of the node/token the error occurred at.

      public setRawMessage(string $message)

      Sets the line of the PHP file the error occurred in.

        public setStartLine(int $line)

        Sets the line the error starts in.

          protected $attributes
          protected Exception::$code
          protected Exception::$file
          protected Exception::$line
          protected Exception::$message
          protected $rawMessage
          protected updateMessage()

          Updates the exception message after a change to rawMessage or rawLine.

          private final Exception::__clone()
          private toColumn(string $code, int $pos) : int

          Converts a file offset into a column.

          • return int 1-based column (relative to start of line)
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