public args(array $args) : array

Normalizes an argument list.

Creates Arg nodes for all arguments and converts literal values to expressions.

  • return Arg[]
public class(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Class_

Creates a class builder.

public classConstFetch( $class, $name) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\ClassConstFetch

Creates a class constant fetch node.

  • return Expr\ClassConstFetch
public concat( $exprs) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\BinaryOp\Concat

Creates nested Concat nodes from a list of expressions.

  • return Concat
public constFetch( $name) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\ConstFetch

Creates a constant fetch node.

  • return Expr\ConstFetch
public funcCall( $name, array $args = []) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\FuncCall

Creates a function call node.

  • return Expr\FuncCall
public function(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Function_

Creates a function builder.

public interface(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Interface_

Creates an interface builder.

public method(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Method

Creates a method builder.

public methodCall(PhpParser\Node\Expr $var, $name, array $args = []) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\MethodCall

Creates a method call node.

  • return Expr\MethodCall
public namespace( $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Namespace_

Creates a namespace builder.

public new( $class, array $args = []) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\New_

Creates an object creation node.

  • return Expr\New_
public param(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Param

Creates a parameter builder.

public property(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Property

Creates a property builder.

public propertyFetch(PhpParser\Node\Expr $var, $name) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\PropertyFetch

Creates a property fetch node.

  • return Expr\PropertyFetch
public staticCall( $class, $name, array $args = []) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\StaticCall

Creates a static method call node.

  • return Expr\StaticCall
public trait(string $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Trait_

Creates a trait builder.

public traitUseAdaptation( $trait, $method = NULL) : PhpParser\Builder\TraitUseAdaptation

Creates a trait use adaptation builder.

public use( $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Use_

Creates a namespace/class use builder.

public useConst( $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Use_

Creates a constant use builder.

public useFunction( $name) : PhpParser\Builder\Use_

Creates a function use builder.

public useTrait( $traits) : PhpParser\Builder\TraitUse

Creates a trait use builder.

public val( $value) : PhpParser\Node\Expr

Creates node a for a literal value.

  • return Expr
public var( $name) : PhpParser\Node\Expr\Variable

Creates variable node.

  • return Expr\Variable
private normalizeStringExpr( $expr) : PhpParser\Node\Expr
  • return Expr
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