• internal This class is not covered by the backward compatibility promise for PHPUnit
public getExtensionConfiguration() : array
public getFilename() : string
Returns the real path to the configuration file.

public getFilterConfiguration() : array
Returns the configuration for SUT filtering.

public getGroupConfiguration() : array
Returns the configuration for groups.

public static getInstance(string $filename) : self
Returns a PHPUnit configuration object.

public getListenerConfiguration() : array
Returns the configuration for listeners.

public getLoggingConfiguration() : array
Returns the logging configuration.

public getPHPConfiguration() : array
Returns the PHP configuration.

public getPHPUnitConfiguration() : array
Returns the PHPUnit configuration.

public getTestdoxGroupConfiguration() : array
Returns the configuration for testdox groups.

public getTestSuiteConfiguration(string $testSuiteFilter = '') : PHPUnit\Framework\TestSuite
Returns the test suite configuration.

public getTestSuiteNames() : array
Returns the test suite names from the configuration.

public getValidationErrors() : array
public handlePHPConfiguration() : void
Handles the PHP configuration.

public hasValidationErrors() : bool
private $document

  • var DOMDocument
private $errors

  • var LibXMLError[]
private $filename

  • var string
private static $instances

  • var self[]
private $xpath

  • var DOMXPath
private __clone()

  • codeCoverageIgnore
private __construct(string $filename)
Loads a PHPUnit configuration file.

private getBoolean(string $value, $default)
if $value is 'false' or 'true', this returns the value that $value represents.

Otherwise, returns $default, which may be a string in rare cases.
See PHPUnit\Util\ConfigurationTest::testPHPConfigurationIsReadCorrectly

  • return bool|string
private getConfigurationArguments(DOMNodeList $nodes) : array
Collects and returns the configuration arguments from the PHPUnit XML configuration

private getElementConfigurationParameters(DOMElement $element) : array
private getInteger(string $value, int $default) : int
private getTestSuite(DOMElement $testSuiteNode, string $testSuiteFilter = '') : PHPUnit\Framework\TestSuite

  • throws PHPUnit\Framework\Exception
private parseGroupConfiguration(string $root) : array
private readFilterDirectories(string $query) : array
private readFilterFiles(string $query) : array

  • return string[]
private satisfiesPhpVersion(DOMElement $node) : bool
private toAbsolutePath(string $path, bool $useIncludePath = false) : string
private validateConfigurationAgainstSchema() : void
private static $instances

  • var self[]
public static getInstance(string $filename) : self
Returns a PHPUnit configuration object.

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