• internal This class is not covered by the backward compatibility promise for PHPUnit
public __construct( $out = NULL)
  • throws Exception
public addError(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, Throwable $t, float $time) : void

An error occurred.

public addFailure(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, PHPUnit\Framework\AssertionFailedError $e, float $time) : void

A failure occurred.

public addIncompleteTest(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, Throwable $t, float $time) : void

Incomplete test.

public addRiskyTest(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, Throwable $t, float $time) : void

Risky test.

public addSkippedTest(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, Throwable $t, float $time) : void

Skipped test.

public addWarning(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, PHPUnit\Framework\Warning $e, float $time) : void

A warning occurred.

public endTest(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test, float $time) : void

A test ended.

  • throws SebastianBergmann\RecursionContext\InvalidArgumentException
public endTestSuite(PHPUnit\Framework\TestSuite $suite) : void

A test suite ended.

public flush() : void

Flush buffer and close output.

public PHPUnit\Util\Printer::getAutoFlush() : bool

Check auto-flush mode.

public PHPUnit\Util\Printer::incrementalFlush() : void

Performs a safe, incremental flush.

Do not confuse this function with the flush() function of this class,
since the flush() function may close the file being written to, rendering
the current object no longer usable.

public PHPUnit\Util\Printer::setAutoFlush(bool $autoFlush) : void

Set auto-flushing mode.

If set, incremental flushes will be done after each write. This should
not be confused with the different effects of this class' flush() method.

public startTest(PHPUnit\Framework\Test $test) : void

A test started.

public startTestSuite(PHPUnit\Framework\TestSuite $suite) : void

A test suite started.

public PHPUnit\Util\Printer::write(string $buffer) : void
protected PHPUnit\Util\Printer::$autoFlush

If true, flush output after every write.

  • var bool
protected PHPUnit\Util\Printer::$out
  • var resource
protected PHPUnit\Util\Printer::$outTarget
  • var string
private $document
  • var DOMDocument
private $exception
  • var null|\Throwable
private $prettifier
private $root
  • var DOMElement
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