• internal This class is not covered by the backward compatibility promise for PHPUnit
public __construct(string $filename, ?PHPUnit\Util\PHP\AbstractPhpProcess $phpUtil = NULL)

Constructs a test case with the given filename.

public count() : int

Counts the number of test cases executed by run(TestResult result).

public getActualOutput() : string
public getName() : string

Returns the name of the test case.

public getNumAssertions() : int
public hasOutput() : bool
public run(?PHPUnit\Framework\TestResult $result = NULL) : PHPUnit\Framework\TestResult

Runs a test and collects its result in a TestResult instance.

  • throws PHPUnit\Runner\Exception
  • throws SebastianBergmann\CodeCoverage\CoveredCodeNotExecutedException
  • throws SebastianBergmann\CodeCoverage\InvalidArgumentException
  • throws SebastianBergmann\CodeCoverage\MissingCoversAnnotationException
  • throws SebastianBergmann\CodeCoverage\RuntimeException
  • throws SebastianBergmann\CodeCoverage\UnintentionallyCoveredCodeException
  • throws SebastianBergmann\RecursionContext\InvalidArgumentException
public toString() : string

Returns a string representation of the test case.

public usesDataProvider() : bool
private PHPUnit\Runner\PhptTestCase::SETTINGS = ['allow_url_fopen=1', 'auto_append_file=', 'auto_prepend_file=', 'disable_functions=', 'display_errors=1', 'docref_ext=.html', 'docref_root=', 'error_append_string=', 'error_prepend_string=', 'error_reporting=-1', 'html_errors=0', 'log_errors=0', 'magic_quotes_runtime=0', 'open_basedir=', 'output_buffering=Off', 'output_handler=', 'report_memleaks=0', 'report_zend_debug=0', 'safe_mode=0', 'xdebug.default_enable=0']
  • var string[]
private $filename
  • var string
private $output
  • var string
private $phpUtil
  • var AbstractPhpProcess
private assertPhptExpectation(array $sections, string $output) : void
  • throws ExpectationFailedException
  • throws SebastianBergmann\RecursionContext\InvalidArgumentException
  • throws PHPUnit\Runner\Exception
private cleanupForCoverage() : array
private getCleanDiffLine(string $line) : string
private getCoverageFiles() : array
private getLocationHint(string $needle, array $sections, ?string $sectionName = NULL) : array
private getLocationHintFromDiff(string $message, array $sections) : array
private parse() : array
private parseEnvSection(string $content) : array
private parseExternal(array $sections) : void
private parseIniSection( $content, $ini = []) : array

Parse --INI-- section key value pairs and return as array.

    private render(string $code) : string
    private renderForCoverage(string $job) : void
    private runClean(array $sections) : void
    private runSkip(array $sections, PHPUnit\Framework\TestResult $result, array $settings) : bool
    • throws SebastianBergmann\RecursionContext\InvalidArgumentException
    private stringifyIni(array $ini) : array
    private validate(array $sections) : bool
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