• internal This class is not covered by the backward compatibility promise for PHPUnit
public __construct(array $configurableMethods, bool $returnValueGeneration)
public expects(PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Rule\InvocationOrder $rule) : PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Builder\InvocationMocker
public hasMatchers() : bool
public invoke(PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Invocation $invocation)

  • throws Exception
  • return mixed|void
public lookupMatcher(string $id) : PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Matcher
Looks up the match builder with identification $id and returns it.

    public matches(PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Invocation $invocation) : bool
    public registerMatcher(string $id, PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Matcher $matcher) : void
    Registers a matcher with the identification $id. The matcher can later be looked up using lookupMatcher() to figure out if it has been invoked.

    • throws RuntimeException
    public verify() : void

    • throws PHPUnit\Framework\ExpectationFailedException
    private $configurableMethods

    • var ConfigurableMethod[]
    private $deferredError

    • var Throwable
    private $matcherMap

    • var Matcher[]
    private $matchers

    • var Matcher[]
    private $returnValueGeneration

    • var bool
    private addMatcher(PHPUnit\Framework\MockObject\Matcher $matcher) : void
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