Class Content

  • package PHPHtmlParser
public __construct(string $content = '')
Content constructor.

    public char(?int $char = NULL) : string
    Gets the current character we are at.

    • return string
    public copyByToken(string $token, bool $char = false, bool $escape = false)
    public copyUntil(string $string, bool $char = false, bool $escape = false) : string
    Copy the content until we find the given string.

    • return string
    public copyUntilUnless(string $string, string $unless)
    Copies the content until the string is found and return it unless the 'unless' is found in the substring.

    • return string
    public fastForward(int $count) : PHPHtmlParser\Content
    Moves the current position forward.

    public getPosition() : int
    Returns the current position of the content.

    • return int
    public rewind(int $count) : PHPHtmlParser\Content
    Moves the current position backward.

    public skip(string $string, bool $copy = false)
    Skip a given set of characters.

    • return Content|string
    public skipByToken(string $token, bool $copy = false)
    protected $attr
    protected $blank
    The following 4 strings are tags that are important to us.

    • var string
    protected $content
    The content string.

    • var string
    protected $equal
    protected $pos
    The current position we are in the content.

    • var int
    protected $size
    The size of the content.

    • var int
    protected $slash
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