Class Selector

  • package PHPHtmlParser
public __construct(string $selector, PHPHtmlParser\Selector\ParserInterface $parser)

Constructs with the selector string

    public checkComparison(array $rule, PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $node) : bool

    Checks comparison condition from rules against node.

    • return bool
    public find(PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $node) : PHPHtmlParser\Dom\Collection

    Attempts to find the selectors starting from the given
    node object.

    • return Collection
    • throws ChildNotFoundException
    public getSelectors()

    Returns the selectors that where found in __construct

    • return array
    public setDepthFirstFind(bool $status) : void
    • return void
    protected $selectors
    • var array
    protected alterNext(array $rule) : array

    Attempts to figure out what the alteration will be for
    the next element.

    • return array
    protected checkKey(array $rule, PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $node) : bool

    Checks key condition from rules against node.

    • return bool
    protected checkTag(array $rule, PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $node) : bool

    Checks tag condition from rules against node.

    • return bool
    protected flattenOptions(array $optionsArray)

    Flattens the option array.

    • return array
    protected getNextChild(PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $node, PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $currentChild)

    Returns the next child or null if no more children.

    • return AbstractNode|null
    protected match(string $operator, string $pattern, string $value) : bool

    Attempts to match the given arguments with the given operator.

    • return bool
    protected seek(array $nodes, array $rule, array $options) : array

    Attempts to find all children that match the rule

    • return array
    • throws ChildNotFoundException
    private $depthFirst
    • var bool
    private checkNodeValue(?string $nodeValue, array $rule, PHPHtmlParser\Dom\AbstractNode $node, ?int $index = NULL) : bool
    • return bool
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