Implements Googles ReCaptcha V3 (but not currently working)

There is no UI element created for this and it can not be
added to a page.

Warning: This is a work in progress and not currently working.

Cloneable Instantiable
public __construct ( PHPFUI\Form $form , PHPFUI\Button $button , string $siteKey , string $secretKey , array $post )
  • param PHPFUI\Form $form since we need to add things to the form
  • param PHPFUI\Button $button button to protect with CAPTCHA
  • param string $siteKey your public key
  • param string $secretKey your private key
  • param array $post the posted data (generally $_POST)
public getErrors () : array

Returns any errors from Google

public getResults () : array

Returns results from Google

public isValid () : bool

Returns true if OK to proceed

public setThreshold ( float $threshold = 0.5 ) : PHPFUI\ReCAPTCHAv3

Set a threshold that user needs to pass. Default 0.5

private array $errors
private float $result
private array $results
private float $threshold
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