public __construct()
public getFiles() : array
public getGet() : array
public getPost() : array
public run() : object
public setFiles(array $files = []) : self
public setGet(array $get = []) : self
public setMissingClass(string $missingClass = 'App\Missing') : self

If no class is found in the URL, return an instance of this class.

public setMissingMethod(string $missingMethod = '') : self

If a class is found, but a method is not, then return the missing method. If no missing method is defined, then the missing class constructor is called

public setPost(array $post = []) : self
public setRootNamespace(string $namespace = 'App') : self
private array $files
private array $get
private string $missingClass
private string $missingMethod
private array $post
private string $rootNamespace
private invokeClassMethod(array $class, string $method) : object
private punt(array $classParts) : object

We can't find a Class\Method pair, so just find a class and check if it has a landing page if defined, else, just construct the class and return.

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