The Form class handles all the housekeeping of dealing with forms, including automatically
setting up validation, a CSRF field and handling a submit button. Form submissions can be
detected with isMyCallback. If it returns true, you should do appropriate work

public PHPFUI\Base::DEBUG_SOURCE = 1
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::__clone()
public __construct(PHPFUI\Page $page, ?PHPFUI\Submit $submit = NULL, string $successFunctionName = '')

Form needs a Page, as it adds things to the page to handle automatic abide validation

    public PHPFUI\Base::__toString() : string
    public PHPFUI\Base::add( $item)

    Base add function. Adds to the end of the current objects

    public PHPFUI\Base::addAsFirst( $item)

    Base addAsFirst function. Adds to the front of the current

    public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addAttribute(string $attribute, string $value = '') : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

    Add an attribute the the object

      public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addClass(string $class) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

      Add a class to an object

        public PHPFUI\Base::count() : int

        Number of object in this object. Does not count sub objects.

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteAttribute(string $attribute) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

        Deletes the passed attribute

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteAttributes() : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

        Deletes all attributes

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteClass(string $classToDelete) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

        Delete a class from the object

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::disabled() : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

        Disabled the element

        public PHPFUI\Base::done(bool $done = true) : PHPFUI\Base

        Form is done rendering

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getAttribute(string $attribute) : string

        Get an attribute

        • return ?string does not exist if null
        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getAttributes() : string

        Returns the attribute strings. Attributes with values are returned as name/value pairs,
        attributes without values are returned as just the attribute name.

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getClass() : string

        Returns the class attribute ready for insertion into an element.

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getClasses() : array

        Returns all classes for the object

        public static PHPFUI\Base::getDebug(int $flags = 0) : int

        Gets the current debug setting

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getElement() : string

        Return the type of the element

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getId() : string

        Return the id of the object. Elements will not have an id unless this method is called. The id is returned as a string
        starting with id followed by a unique number to the page. Id numbers are deterministic and start start with 1. Once assigned
        an id, an element will always have the same id. It will get a new id if cloned.

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getIdAttribute() : string

        Return the id attribute of the object as a name/value pair. If no id has been requested, and empty string is returned.

        public PHPFUI\Base::getResponse() : string

        Get the current response

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getToolTip(string $label)

        Get the tool tip as a string

        • return PHPFUI\ToolTip|string return type depends on if the tip was set as a string or ToolTip object.
        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasClass(string $class) : bool

        Return true if the class is present on the object

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasId() : bool

        Does this object have an id set already?

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasToolTip() : bool
        • return bool if there is a tool tip associated with this element
        public PHPFUI\Base::isDone() : bool

        Returns true if the page needs no more processing

        public isMyCallback() : bool

        Returns true if the submit button passed in the ctor was pressed by the user.

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::newId() : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

        Assign a new id to this element.

        public PHPFUI\Base::output() : string

        Output the object (convert to string)

        • return string
        public PHPFUI\Base::prepend( $item) : PHPFUI\Base

        Add an object in front of existing object

        public saveOnClick(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $button) : PHPFUI\Form

        Any clickable element passed to this function will issue an AJAX call to save the form.

        public setAreYouSure(bool $areYouSure = true) : PHPFUI\Form

        Forms automatically ask the user if they are sure they want to navigate away from the page if the
        user has entered any data. You can use this to turn off that behavior. A good example of why
        you might want to do this is search criteria type forms where the data is not normally saved.

        public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setAttribute(string $attribute, string $value = '') : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

        Set the attribute overwriting the prior value

          public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setConfirm( $text) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

          A simple way to set a confirm on click

            public static PHPFUI\Base::setDebug(int $level = 0) : void

            Set the debug level, 1 or higher is on

            public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setElement( $element) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

            You can set the element type if you need to morph it for some reason

              public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setId( $id) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

              Set the base id of the object

                public PHPFUI\Base::setRawResponse(string $response) : PHPFUI\Base

                Sets the page response directly

                public PHPFUI\Base::setResponse(string $response, string $color = 'lime') : PHPFUI\Base

                Set a response in the standard format ('reponse' and 'color' array)

                  public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setToolTip( $tip) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

                  Set the tool tip. Can either be a ToolTip or a string. If it is a string, it will be converted to a ToolTip

                    public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::toggleAnimate(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element, string $animation) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

                    Will toggle the provided element on click with the provided animation.

                    public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::toggleClass(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element, string $class) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

                    Will toggle the class on the provided element on click.

                    public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::transferAttributes(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

                    Moves attributes into this object from the passed object

                    public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::transferClasses(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

                    Moves classes into this object from the passed object

                    public PHPFUI\Base::walk(string $method) : PHPFUI\Base

                    Recursively walks all objects and calls the passed method on each object where it exists

                    protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getBody() : string
                    protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getEnd() : string
                    protected getStart() : string
                    protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::upCastCopy(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $to, PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : PHPFUI\HTML5Element

                    Clones the first object and fills it with properties from the second object

                    private $areYouSure
                    private $page
                    private $started
                    private $submitName
                    private $submitValue
                    public static PHPFUI\Base::getDebug(int $flags = 0) : int

                    Gets the current debug setting

                    public static PHPFUI\Base::setDebug(int $level = 0) : void

                    Set the debug level, 1 or higher is on

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