public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::afterTraverse(array $nodes)
public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::beforeTraverse(array $nodes)
public enterNode(PhpParser\Node $node)
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::filterNode(PhpParser\Node $node, array $nodeNames) : bool
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::getCurrentFile() : string

Get the current file being processed

public getDescription() : string
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::getPrint() : bool
public getTestCases() : array
public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::leaveNode(PhpParser\Node $node)
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::setCurrentFile(string $currentFile) : self

Sets the $this->currentFile variable once processing has begun. This is called after shouldProcessFile returns true.

public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::setPrint(bool $print = true) : self
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::setRefActor(PHPFUI\RefActor $refActor) : self

Called by RefActor when adding an Actor. Allows the Actor to reference the RefActor controller.

public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::shouldProcessFile(string $file) : bool

Called before processing a file. Actor should reset any properties that could be left over from processing previous files.

  • return bool return true to process the file, or false to skip
protected PHPFUI\RefActor PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::$refActor
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