public __construct(string $csvFileName = 'classNames.csv', string $delimiter = ',')
public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::afterTraverse(array $nodes)
public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::beforeTraverse(array $nodes)
public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::enterNode(PhpParser\Node $node)
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::filterNode(PhpParser\Node $node, array $nodeNames) : bool
public getBaseDirectory() : string
public getClassInfo(?string $fqn) : array
public getCorrectClassName(array $row) : string
public getCorrectFileName(array $row) : string
public getCorrectNamespace(array $row) : string
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::getCurrentFile() : string

Get the current file being processed

public getCurrentNamespace() : string
public abstract PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::getDescription() : string

Return a markdown compatible description for automated documentation generation

  • return string of markdown
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::getPrint() : bool
public abstract PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::getTestCases() : array

Return test cases for unit tests and documentation

One test case is required. Additional test cases can be specified for more complete testing.

Each test case should be an array of strings.

  • The first string is the example code that will be Acted on.
  • The second string is the expected result of the Actor
  • Any additional strings will be additional output from RefActor::printToFile
public PhpParser\NodeVisitorAbstract::leaveNode(PhpParser\Node $node)
public setBaseDirectory(string $baseDirectory) : self
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::setCurrentFile(string $currentFile) : self

Sets the $this->currentFile variable once processing has begun. This is called after shouldProcessFile returns true.

public setCurrentNameSpace(string $currentNamespace) : self
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::setPrint(bool $print = true) : self
public PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::setRefActor(PHPFUI\RefActor $refActor) : self

Called by RefActor when adding an Actor. Allows the Actor to reference the RefActor controller.

public shouldProcessFile(string $file) : bool
protected PHPFUI\RefActor PHPFUI\RefActor\Actor\Base::$refActor
private string $baseDirectory
private array $classMap
private string $currentNamespace
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