A test class with no functionality.

It is just to test InstaDoc

public PHPFUI\InstaDoc\TestClass::CONST_PUBLIC_STRING = 'Default'
public $public_float

  • var float
public public_function_returning_and_taking_array(array $array = ['tom', 2 => 'Dick', 'harry' => 'reasoner']) : array
protected PHPFUI\InstaDoc\TestClass::CONST_PROTECTED_INT = 42
protected $protected_string
protected protected_function_no_return(string $fred, $unknown = 3.14) : void
This function does nothing. But it has a very long meaningless description that just seems to go on and on and on but does not really say anything except for being very long and completely unreadable, but such is the nature of long meaningless comments that really say nothing of any importance that just seem to meander and never get to the point and be concise and to the point, but that is the point, that there is no point. Pointless really.

  • api declares that elements are suitable for consumption by third parties.
  • example shows the code of a specified example file or, optionally, just a portion of it.
  • ignore tells phpDocumentor that the associated element is not to be included in the documentation.
  • internal denotes that the associated elements is internal to this application or library and hides it by default.
  • source
  • throws Fred this is the text
  • todo indicates whether any development activity should still be executed on the associated element.
  • uses \indicatesa reference to (and from) a single associated element.
  • var $Properties the explaination of the var
  • return string this is the return text
  • category CategoryName
  • package PackageName
  • author Original Author
  • author Another Author
  • copyright 1997-2005 The PHP Group
  • license http://www.php.net/license/3_01.txt PHP License 3.01
  • version SVN: $Id$
  • link http://pear.php.net/package/PackageName
  • deprecated File deprecated in Release 2.0.0
private PHPFUI\InstaDoc\TestClass::CONST_PRIVATE_ARRAY = ['.Git', 0, true, 0.2]
private $private_array
private private_function_no_return(string $fred = 'Eythel') : void
private theLowerTest() : void
Testing method sorting

private UpperCaseMethodName() : void
Testing method sorting

private upperTest() : void
Testing method sorting

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