public abstract __construct(PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Controller $controller)
public abstract __toString() : string
public abstract addBody(?mixed $item) : PHPFUI\InstaDoc\PageInterface
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addCSS(string $css) : self

Add dedupped inline css

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addHeadJavaScript(string $js) : self

Add dedupped JavaScript to the header

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addHeadScript(string $module) : self

Add a dedupped header script

  • param string $module path to script
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addHeadTag(string $tag) : self

Add a meta tag to the head section of the page

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addIEComments(string $comment) : self

Add IE commands. For example you should restrict IE 8 and lower clients.

$page->addIEComments('<!--[if lt IE9]><script>window.location="/old/index.html";</script><![endif]-->');
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addJavaScript(string $js) : self

Add dedupped JavaScript to the page

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addJavaScriptFirst(string $js) : self

Add dedupped JavaScript as the first JavaScript before Foundation

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addJavaScriptLast(string $js) : self

Add dedupped JavaScript as the last JavaScript on the page

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addStyleSheet(string $module) : self

Add dedupped Style Sheet to the page

  • param string $module filename
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::addTailScript(string $module) : self

Add a dedupped script to the end of the page

  • param string $module path to script
public abstract create(PHPFUI\Menu $menu) : void
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::getBaseURL() : string

Return just the base URI without the query string

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::getFavIcon() : string

Return the Fav Icon

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::getPageName() : string

Return the current page name

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::getQueryParameters() : array

Returns array of the current query parameters

  • return array<string,string>
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::getResourcePath(string $resource = '') : string

Get fully qualified resource path root relative with resource if passed

A $resource starting with / or http is not modified

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::hasDatePicker() : bool

return true if it has a built in date picker detectable by HTTP_USER_AGENT

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::hasDateTimePicker() : bool

return true if it has a built in date time picker detectable by HTTP_USER_AGENT

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::hasTimePicker() : bool

return true if it has a built in time picker detectable by HTTP_USER_AGENT

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::isAndroid() : bool

Return true if Android platform

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::isChrome() : bool

Return true if Chrome browser

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::isDone() : bool

Returns true if the page needs no more processing

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::isIEMobile() : bool

Return true if Windows Mobile browser

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::isIOS() : bool

Return true if IOS platform

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::redirect(string $url = '', string $parameters = '', int $timeout = 0) : self

Redirect page. Default will redirect to the current page
minus query string. Pass formatted query string as
$parameter with no leading ?.

  • param string $url default '', current url
  • param string $parameters default ''
  • param int $timeout default 0
public abstract static setDebug(int $level = 0) : void
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::setFavIcon(string $path) : self

Sets the Fav Icon (shown in browser tabs and elsewhere in the

  • param string $path to favicon
public abstract setGenerating(string $generating) : PHPFUI\InstaDoc\PageInterface
public abstract setHomeUrl(string $url) : PHPFUI\InstaDoc\PageInterface
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::setLanguage(string $lang) : self

Set the page language

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::setPageName(string $name) : self

Set the page name. Defaults to "Created with Foundation"

  • param string $name of page
public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::setRawResponse(string $response, bool $asJSON = true) : static

Sets the page response directly

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::setResourcePath(string $resoursePath = '/') : self

$resoursePath should start from the public root directory and include a trailing forward slash

public abstract PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page::setResponse(string $response, string $color = 'lime') : static

Set a response in the standard format ('reponse' and 'color' array)

  • param string $response to return
  • param string $color used for the save button
public abstract static setDebug(int $level = 0) : void
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