public __construct(PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Controller $controller)
public generate(PHPFUI\Instadoc\PageInterface $page, string $fullClassPath) : PHPFUI\Container
public PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Section::getBreadCrumbs(string $object) : PHPFUI\BreadCrumbs
public PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Section::getClassBase(string $fullClassName) : string
public PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Section::getMenu(string $className, array $allowedMenus) : PHPFUI\Menu
public PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Section::getNamespaceFromClass(string $class) : string
protected PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Section::$controller
protected formatComments(?phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock $docBlock) : string
Format comments without indentation

protected getAccess( $constant) : string
Return the color coded access level (public, private, protected)

protected getClass(string $class) : string
Convert php class name to html class name (\ => -)

protected getClassName(string $class, bool $asLink = true) : string
protected getColor(string $class, string $name) : string
Add a color to a thing by class

protected getComments(?phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock $docBlock) : string
Get comments indented

protected getConstant(ReflectionClassConstant $constant, string $name, $value) : string
protected getContent(string $accessType) : PHPFUI\Table
protected getDocBlock( $method) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock
protected getMethod(ReflectionMethod $method) : string
protected getName( $method, string $name, bool $fullyQualify = false) : string
protected getNameScope( $method, bool $fullyQualify = false) : string
protected getParameterComments(?phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock $docBlock) : array
protected getProperty(ReflectionProperty $property) : string
protected getRowClasses( $method) : string
protected getValueString( $value) : string
protected objectCompare( $lhs, $rhs) : int
protected objectSort(array $objects) : void
protected section(string $name) : string
private $class
private $factory
private $parsedown
private $reflection
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