A multiSelect is a Select, but allows multiple choices

public PHPFUI\Base::DEBUG_SOURCE = 1
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::__clone()
public __construct(string $name, ?string $label = '')

Construct a MultiSelect

public PHPFUI\Base::__toString() : string
public PHPFUI\Base::add(?mixed $item) : static

Base add function. Adds to the end of the current objects

public PHPFUI\Base::addAsFirst(?mixed $item) : static

Base addAsFirst function. Adds to the front of the current

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addAttribute(string $attribute, string $value = '') : static

Add an attribute the the object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addClass(string $class) : static

Add a class to an object

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::addErrorMessage(string $error) : static

Set a specific error

public PHPFUI\Input\Select::addLabelClass(string $class) : static
public PHPFUI\Input\Select::addOptGroup(PHPFUI\Input\OptGroup $group) : static

Add an OptGroup

public PHPFUI\Input\Select::addOption(string $label, ?string $value = NULL, bool $selected = false, bool $disabled = false) : static

Add an option

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addPHPClassName() : static

Adds the base PHP class name as a class to this object

public PHPFUI\Input\Select::count() : int

Return the number of options added

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteAttribute(string $attribute) : static

Deletes the passed attribute

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteAttributes() : static

Deletes all attributes

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteClass(string $classToDelete) : static

Delete a class from the object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::disabled() : static

Disabled the element

public PHPFUI\Base::done(bool $done = true) : static

Form is done rendering

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getAttribute(string $attribute) : ?string

Get an attribute

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getAttributes() : string

Returns the attribute strings. Attributes with values are returned as name/value pairs,
attributes without values are returned as just the attribute name.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getClass() : string

Returns the class attribute ready for insertion into an element.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getClasses() : array

Returns all classes for the object

public static PHPFUI\Base::getDebug(int $flags = 0) : int

Gets the current debug setting

public PHPFUI\Input::getDisabled() : bool

Return true if disabled

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getElement() : string

Return the type of the element

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getError() : ?PHPFUI\HTML5Element

Get the error message for placement else where. If this is
called, the error mesage will not be incorporated
automatically, but must be placed by the caller

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getHint() : ?PHPFUI\HTML5Element
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getId() : string

Return the id of the object. Elements will not have an id unless this method is called. The id is returned as a string
starting with id followed by a unique number to the page. Id numbers are deterministic and start start with 1. Once assigned
an id, an element will always have the same id. It will get a new id if cloned.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getIdAttribute() : string

Return the id attribute of the object as a name/value pair. If no id has been requested, and empty string is returned.

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getLabel() : string

Return the label for the input field

public PHPFUI\Input::getName() : string

Returns the name of the input field

public PHPFUI\Input::getPlaceholder() : string

Returns the current placeholder

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getRequired() : bool
public PHPFUI\Base::getResponse() : string

Get the current response

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getToolTip(string $label) : PHPFUI\ToolTip|string

Get the tool tip as a string

public PHPFUI\Input::getType() : string

Returns the type of the input field

public PHPFUI\Input::getValue() : string

Return the initial value of the input field

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasClass(string $class) : bool

Return true if the class is present on the object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasId() : bool

Does this object have an id set already?

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasToolTip() : bool
public PHPFUI\Base::isDone() : bool

Returns true if the page needs no more processing

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::newId() : static

Assign a new id to this element.

public PHPFUI\Base::prepend(?mixed $item) : static

Add an object in front of existing object

public PHPFUI\Input\Select::removeAll() : static

Remove all options.

public PHPFUI\Input\Select::removeOption(string $value) : bool

Remove an option. Returns true on success.

public select(array|string $selections) : static

Preselect the values

  • param phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Compound $selections what should be selected on
    initialization. If an array, then any value in
    the array will be selected if it matches the
    options previously set. If not an array, then
    just preselect the one value.
public selectAll(string $title = 'Select All') : PHPFUI\Input\MultiSelect

Add a select all option

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setAttribute(string $attribute, string $value = '') : static

Set the attribute overwriting the prior value

public setColumns(int $numberColumns = 1, int $gridSize = 12) : static

Set the number of columns across

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setConfirm( $text) : static

A simple way to set a confirm on click

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setDataMask(PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page $page, string $mask) : static
public static PHPFUI\Base::setDebug(int $level = 0) : void

Set the debug level, 1 or higher is on

public PHPFUI\Input::setDisabled(bool $disabled = true) : static

Set disabled

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setElement( $element) : static

You can set the element type if you need to morph it for some reason

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setErrorMessages(array $errors) : static

Set all error messages

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setHint(string $hint) : static

Set a hint

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setId( $id) : static

Set the base id of the object

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setLabel(string $label) : static

Set a label if not specified in constructor

public PHPFUI\Input::setName(string $name) : static
public PHPFUI\Input::setPlaceholder(string $placeholder) : static
public PHPFUI\Base::setRawResponse(string $response, bool $asJSON = true) : static

Sets the page response directly and exits the program

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setRequired(bool $required = true) : static

Set required

public PHPFUI\Base::setResponse(string $response, string $color = 'lime') : static

Set a response in the standard format ('reponse' and 'color' array)
exit will be called after returning the encoded response

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setToolTip(PHPFUI\ToolTip|string $tip) : static

Set the tool tip. Can either be a ToolTip or a string. If it is a string, it will be converted to a ToolTip

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setValidator(PHPFUI\Validator $validator, string $errorMessage = '', ?string $data = NULL) : static

Set the validator for this input field. You must also add it to the page with addAbideValidator()

public PHPFUI\Input::setValue(string $value) : static

Set the initial value of the input field

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::toggleAnimate(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element, string $animation) : static

Will toggle the provided element on click with the provided animation.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::toggleClass(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element, string $class) : static

Will toggle the class on the provided element on click.

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::toggleFocus(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element) : static

Toggle the passed in element when this field gets focus.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::transferAttributes(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : static

Moves attributes into this object from the passed object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::transferClasses(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : static

Moves classes into this object from the passed object

public PHPFUI\Base::walk(string $method, ?mixed $argument = NULL) : static

Recursively walks all objects and calls the passed method on each object where it exists

protected bool PHPFUI\Input::$disabled
protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element PHPFUI\Input\Input::$error
protected array PHPFUI\Input\Input::$errorMessages
protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element PHPFUI\Input\Input::$hint
protected string PHPFUI\Input\Input::$hintText
protected string PHPFUI\Input\Input::$label
protected array PHPFUI\Input\Select::$labelClass
protected string PHPFUI\Input::$name
protected array PHPFUI\Input\Select::$options
    protected string PHPFUI\Input::$placeholder
    protected bool PHPFUI\Input\Input::$required
    protected string PHPFUI\Input::$type
    protected string PHPFUI\Input::$value
    protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getBody() : string
    protected PHPFUI\Input\Select::getEnd() : string
    protected PHPFUI\Base::getItems() : array
    protected getStart() : string
    protected PHPFUI\Input\Input::setAutoCompleteRequired(PHPFUI\Page $page, PHPFUI\Input\Input $text) : void
    protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::upCastCopy(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $to, PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : object

    Clones the first object and fills it with properties from the second object

    private int $gridSize
    private int $numberColumns
    private string $selectAll
    public static PHPFUI\Base::getDebug(int $flags = 0) : int

    Gets the current debug setting

    public static PHPFUI\Base::setDebug(int $level = 0) : void

    Set the debug level, 1 or higher is on

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