public __construct(PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Client $client)
public delete(string $campaign_id) : bool

DELETE an Email Campaign

Use this method to delete an email campaign and the email campaign activities
associated with the email campaign. You cannot delete an email campaign
when it has a Scheduled status.

Constant Contact users can restore deleted email campaigns using the

public get(string $campaign_id) : array

GET Details About a Single Email Campaign

Use this method to get details about a single email campaign and campaign
related activities. Details include the email campaign name, current
status, create date, last update date, and a list of campaign activities;
including the campaign_activity_id and role.

public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::getLastError() : string
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::getResponseText() : string
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::getStatusCode() : int
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::next() : array

If the endpoint is paginated, you can call next() to retrieve the next set of data. If no next is provided, an empty array is returned.

public patch(string $campaign_id, PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Definition\EmailCampaignName $body) : array

PATCH (Update) an Email Campaign Name

Use this method to rename an email campaign. The name is not visible
to contacts. The name must be unique and cannot exceed 80 characters.
You cannot rename email campaigns that have a Removed status.

public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::success() : bool
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Client PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::$client
protected string PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::$urlPath
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doDelete(array $parameters) : bool
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doGet(array $parameters) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doPatch(array $parameters) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doPost(array $parameters) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doPut(array $parameters) : array
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