Cloneable Instantiable
public __construct ( PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Client $client )
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: getLastError () : string
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: getResponseText () : string
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: getStatusCode () : int
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: next () : array

If the endpoint is paginated, you can call next() to retrieve the next set of data. If no next is provided, an empty array is returned.

  • return array filled with next part of the response from the endpoint, or empty if no next.
public post ( string $campaign_activity_id , PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Definition\EmailTestSendInput $email_test_send_input ) : array

POST Test Send an Email Campaign Activity

Use this method to send a test email to specific email addresses. Test
emails allow you to verify how the email campaign activity will look
before you send it to contacts. This method uses the email_addresses
array in the request body to determine the recipients of the test email.
The test email does not process any dynamic content in the email campaign
activity. Dynamic content includes contact and custom field variables.

You can send up to 50 test emails each day. Each recipient you add to
the email_addresses array in the request body counts towards this
limit. Successfully sending a test email returns a 204 response code
without a response body.

  • param string $campaign_activity_id The unique ID for an email campaign activity. You can only test send email campaign activities that have the primary_email role.
  • param PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Definition\EmailTestSendInput $email_test_send_input A JSON request body that contains the recipients of the test email and an optional personal message.
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: success () : bool
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Client PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: $client
protected string PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: $urlPath
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: doDelete ( array $parameters ) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: doGet ( array $parameters ) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: doPatch ( array $parameters ) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: doPost ( array $parameters ) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base :: doPut ( array $parameters ) : array
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