public __construct(PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Client $client)
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::getLastError() : string
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::getResponseText() : string
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::getStatusCode() : int
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::next() : array

If the endpoint is paginated, you can call next() to retrieve the next set of data. If no next is provided, an empty array is returned.

  • return array filled with next part of the response from the endpoint, or empty if no next.
public post(string $file, array $list_ids) : array

Import Contacts using a CSV File

This multipart method creates an asynchronous background job that adds
or updates contacts by importing a CSV file containing contact information.
Do not use a Content-Type header value with this method.

Importing a new contact automatically sets the contact's permission_to_send
property as implicit and the opt_in_source property as Account.
Importing an existing contact only updates the contact properties you
include in the request.

The CSV file has a maximum of 40,000 lines including the header row
(39,999 contacts) and a maximum file size of 4 megabytes (MB). Lines
above the 40,000 line maximum are not processed. If the request body
exceeds 4 MB, only the contacts contained in the first 4 MB are imported
and the remaining data is dropped.

  • param string $file The CSV file you are importing. The column headings that you can use in the file are: first_name, last_name, email, phone, job_title, anniversary, birthday_day, birthday_month, company_name, street, street2, city, state, zip, and country. The only required column heading is email.

    You can also use custom fields as column headings. Enter the custom field name prefixed with cf: as the column heading. For example, use cf:first_name as the header name if you have a custom field named "first_name". The custom field must already exist in the Constant Contact account you are using. Depending on the custom field data type, you can enter dates or strings as the value of the custom field. Each contact can contain up to 25 different custom fields.
  • param array $list_ids Specify which contact lists you are adding all imported contacts to as an array of up to 50 contact list_id values.
public PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::success() : bool
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Client PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::$client
protected string PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::$urlPath
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doDelete(array $parameters) : bool
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doGet(array $parameters) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doPatch(array $parameters) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doPost(array $parameters) : array
protected PHPFUI\ConstantContact\Base::doPut(array $parameters) : array
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