Class MathExecutor

  • package NXP
public __clone()
public __construct()

Base math operators

public addFunction(string $name, ?callable $function = NULL, ?int $places = NULL) : self

Add function to executor

public addOperator(NXP\Classes\Operator $operator) : self

Add operator to executor

public execute(string $expression)
public getFunctions() : array

Get all registered functions

  • return array containing callback and places indexed by function name
public getOperators()

Get all registered operators to executor

  • return array of operator class names
public getVar(string $variable)

Get a specific var

  • return int|float
  • throws UnknownVariableException
public getVars() : array

Get all vars

  • return array
public removeVar(string $variable) : self

Remove variable from executor

public removeVars() : self

Remove all variables and the variable not found handler

public setDivisionByZeroIsZero() : self

Set division by zero returns zero instead of throwing DivisionByZeroException

public setVar(string $variable, $value) : self

Add variable to executor

public setVarNotFoundHandler(callable $handler) : self

Define a method that will be invoked when a variable is not found.

The first parameter will be the variable name, and the returned value will be used as the variable value.

public setVars(array $variables, bool $clear = true) : self

Add variables to executor

protected addDefaults() : void

Set default operands and functions

  • throws ReflectionException
protected defaultFunctions() : array

Gets the default functions as an array. Key is function name
and value is the function as a closure.

  • return array
protected defaultOperators() : array

Get the default operators

  • return array of class names
protected defaultVars() : array

Returns the default variables names as key/value pairs

  • return array
private $cache
  • var array
private $functions
  • var CustomFunction[]
private $onVarNotFound
  • var callable
private $operators
  • var Operator[]
private $variables

Available variables

  • var array
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