Sampling handler

A sampled event stream can be useful for logging high frequency events in
a production environment where you only need an idea of what is happening
and are not concerned with capturing every occurrence. Since the decision to
handle or not handle a particular event is determined randomly, the
resulting sampled log is not guaranteed to contain 1/N of the events that
occurred in the application, but based on the Law of large numbers, it will
tend to be close to this ratio with a large number of attempts.

public __construct( $handler, int $factor)
    public Monolog\Handler\Handler::__destruct()
    public Monolog\Handler\Handler::__sleep()
    public Monolog\Handler\Handler::close() : void


    public Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::getBubble() : bool

    Gets the bubbling behavior.

    • return bool true means that this handler allows bubbling. false means that bubbling is not permitted.
    public getFormatter() : Monolog\Formatter\FormatterInterface


    public getHandler(?array $record = NULL)

    Return the nested handler

    If the handler was provided as a factory callable, this will trigger the handler's instantiation.

    public Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::getLevel() : int

    Gets minimum logging level at which this handler will be triggered.

    • return int
    public handle(array $record) : bool
    public Monolog\Handler\Handler::handleBatch(array $records) : void


    public isHandling(array $record) : bool
    public popProcessor() : callable


    public pushProcessor(callable $callback) : Monolog\Handler\HandlerInterface


    • suppress PhanTypeMismatchReturn
    public Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::reset()
    public Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::setBubble(bool $bubble) : self

    Sets the bubbling behavior.

    • return self
    public setFormatter(Monolog\Formatter\FormatterInterface $formatter) : Monolog\Handler\HandlerInterface


    public Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::setLevel( $level) : self

    Sets minimum logging level at which this handler will be triggered.

    • return self
    protected Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::$bubble
    protected $factor
    • var int $factor
    protected $handler
    • var callable|\HandlerInterface $handler
    protected Monolog\Handler\AbstractHandler::$level
    protected $processors
    • var callable[]
    protected processRecord(array $record) : array

    Processes a record.

    protected resetProcessors() : void
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